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A Company That Is Constantly Growing Its Business

In September 1997, Donald Coffey created his company. He bought two septic tank emptying trucks from two competing companies. He thus became the only one in his field in the Huntingdon region. One of the two companies was called Sani-Vrac. Mr. Coffey decided to keep the name and add his own family name. Sani-Vrac Donald Coffey was born.

After two years in business, Mr. Coffey built his own sludge tank. Being a farmer and owner of agricultural land, his strategy was to use it as fertilizer for his fields.

In 2000, as his company grew, Mr. Coffey added a new service for his customers. He offered to rent portable toilets to his customers by purchasing two of them. Over the years, he acquired more to meet the growing demand for this service. Today, Sani-Vrac has about 100 regular toilet modules as well as one for people with disabilities.

As an experienced manager, Mr. Coffey is keen to train his successor. His son Andrew manages the portable toilet section. They are both involved in their community. They employ full-time local drivers and an occasional driver for their trucks.

Sani-Vrac Donald Coffey is a company that continues to grow and now serves a large part of the Montérégie. Contact us for more information on their portable toilet rental service and our other services.

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