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Grease Trap Emptying

24/7 Service

An absolute must for all institutions, commercial kitchens, restaurants, food factories, cafeterias and other establishments with a grease trap is to have it cleaned regularly. This ensures that the equipment continues to operate at peak performance and that grease, food, and other particles from sinks and dishwashers do not end up in the sewer system. Sani-Vrac Donald Coffey will take care of your grease trap emptying. 

Call us today to book your first grease trap emptying service or open an account with us for regular maintenance. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


All types of restaurants


Institutions (hospitals, CHSLD)

Schools and cafeterias


Butcher shops

Retirement homes



Why Choose Us?

Responsible team

Respect for the environment

Specialized equipment and products

Possibility to book regular services

24/7 emergency interventions

Reuse of recovered grease

Flexible hours and schedules

We also offer a pipe cleaning service, complete pipe cleaning to the street and inspection.

Everything You Need to Maintain a Healthy Space

Sani-Vrac Donald Coffey's primary goal is to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our work and do it in an environmentally responsible manner. All grease collected during our work is redirected to local farms that convert it into electricity. Our flow testing of your pipes ensures a long life for your system, while our automated routine program ensures that pre-approved appointments are maintained at all times. Our technicians are constantly updated on new standards, regulations, and government-approved techniques through our continuous improvement program.


We also perform a visual inspection during the pump-out service and offer a detailed report and relevant recommendations during each visit. Contact us directly for more information.

 Have Your Grease Trap Cleaned Regularly

To avoid odours and malfunctions, it is essential to maintain your grease trap.

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