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Professionals for Septic Tank Inspections

Emptying a septic tank or a cesspool requires the use of specific equipment that is not necessarily accessible to individuals or companies whose activity is not related to the sanitary sector. Moreover, it is a job that requires a certain amount of experience in the tasks to be performed. Sani-Vrac Donald Coffey has been cleaning septic tanks and cesspools for individuals and professionals since 1997. This will allow you to benefit from devices adapted to this type of work, especially from the know-how of people used to this somewhat strenuous exercise for this field of activity.

To maintain and inspect septic tanks in Montérégie, call on a company experienced in this field.

Our Services

Sani-Vrac Donald Coffey performs work related to troubleshooting, inspection and maintenance of septic tanks, including:


Unclogging of the pipes

Cleaning the tank

Inspection of the system

Regular maintenance of the installation

And much more!

Call us for regular septic tank maintenance, and quick response when troubleshooting is required to benefit from our excellent customer service and reliability.

Inspection When Buying a New Property

Suppose you have just purchased a new property with a septic system. In that case, you strongly recommend that you call on a professional inspection service to ensure that there are no potential risks, damages or problems that could lead to contentious situations. For a comprehensive analysis of your residential, commercial or industrial property's septic systems, ask Sani-Vrac Donald Coffey to identify signs of failure or non-compliance.

Regular and Timely Maintenance

It is normal if you never want to face problems with your septic tank. Like any other system on your property, the septic tank should be checked regularly for any issues that could cause damage to your property in the long run. To avoid such cases, we provide reliable diagnostics during an inspection and follow up with maintenance services performed with high-quality equipment and products specific to this activity.

Affordable Prices, Efficient Techniques

Sani-Vrac Donald Coffey has been in this business for many years and has the correct products and specialized tools that allow for high-quality interventions at affordable prices. We perform several tests, including injecting dye into the system and partially clearing the system. We are also able to provide expert testimony in certain septic tank disputes.

Do You Need an Emergency Intervention?

Contact our team today to hire our septic tank inspection and maintenance specialists.

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