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Opt for the Rental of Toilets and Sinks

Sani-Vrac Donald Coffey helps you organize people’s receptions in public and professional places thanks to our toilet and sink rental service in Montérégie. Whether you are organizing a party with many guests, a fair with high expected attendance, or you are in charge of a construction site employing many workers, our mobile toilets and sinks of all sizes will suit you.

Ask for your personalized estimate to prepare the reception of the public serenely on the occasion of your events or your building sites. We promise you a quality guarantee and a high level of customer service that will ensure your satisfaction.

Why Choose to Rent Sanitary Equipment?

Welcoming the public during an event requires special measures to ensure hygiene and comfort. Opting to rent portable toilets and sinks allows you to meet essential safety and public health standards. It is much more cost-effective than having new sanitary facilities installed and not requiring a sewer connection; renting mobile units is as practical as functional.

Our Rental Products

To meet your specific needs, Sani-Vrac Donald Coffey offers the following sanitary unit rentals:

Regular toilet

Adapted toilet

Regular toilet with sink

Sink station

Regular toilets on a van

Regular Toilet

One of our most requested products, this portable toilet provides an elegant experience with its high-quality construction, both indoors and out. It features ample wall space to place advertisements or announcements for your company's events, as well as ventilation grills included in the panels for maximum comfort. Featuring large handles inside and out and a torsion spring operated door, this restroom comes with a standard waste tank, urinal and paper rolls.

interior view of a portable toilet

Regular Toilet with Sink

Like its regular counterpart, this item is explicitly requested for events to ensure that every person can wash their hands with the added function of a sink included. With all the necessary amenities and high-quality construction, this restroom is perfect for all your corporate events, workplaces, construction sites and other work sites.

Adapted toilet

Adapted Toilet

Our barrier-free restroom unit is specially designed for people with limited mobility. Offering convenient access and increased space with handrails and a heavy-duty spring-loaded door, and a thick rigid PE floor, this restroom is perfect for events with guests or people who need more space, such as wheelchair users.

Washbasin station

Washbasin Station

The self-contained double hand wash station offers plenty of space for its users. With an enhanced hygienic feel and the ability to add soap or paper dispensers, our rental wash station features large removable sinks and lids, handles for easy pick-up and a convenient and efficient 200-375 use system for any 3-6 pump movement.

Rental of Portable Toilets

We offer portable toilets and sinks adapted to all audiences for your events.

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